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Online, Asynchronous Course


Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods is available online in an asynchronous format, enabling you to work through the course content at your own pace. Similar to our in-person 2.5-Day and 4-Day course format, the course content is divided into three separate courses: First Steps, Before-Tax, and After-Tax.  You can register for one, two or all three, to be taken in sequential order.

First Steps

Here we cover time value of money (TVM) and introduce participants to the economic decision criterion used to make economic decisions.  It is similar to the first day of a traditional, in-person course.  


Before-Tax picks up where First-Steps left off; we explore variations of base economic criterion and explains problem areas that may arise and how to fix them.  We also look at factors that will influence the discounted cash flow model like inflation and risk and how these factors can influence or even change your economic decision. This course is similar to day two, and half of day three in a traditional in-person course.

After-Tax introduces participants to the subject of taxes.  We will not be reading code sections or subsections, but instead taking a practical approach to understanding the tax code and how federal taxes will impact our economic results.  This course is similar to days three and four of our traditional, in-person course.

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