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Course Description

Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods is a course oriented toward practical problem solving and the proper use of economic evaluation methods in many investment situations.  Course participants will develop the ability to handle concepts of time value of money and apply them to before-tax and/or after-tax analyses of virtually any investment situation.  This may include investments in the mineral, petroleum and non-mineral sectors.  These learning outcomes are achieved by covering select material presented in the textbook “Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods,” 16th Edition, 2019, by Franklin J. Stermole, John M. Stermole and Andrew H. Pederson, and having participants work case study analysis problems related to text material.

Depending on our client’s needs for tax considerations, we offer a Before Tax: 2.5 Day Course or an After Tax: 4 Day Course.  As the name implies, the Before Tax course focuses on economic evaluation concepts including inflation and a brief introduction to risk, but neglects tax considerations. The After Tax course continues to address after-tax cash flow and proper economic analysis in light of tax considerations for a variety of industry scenarios.


This course is relevant to people with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, including those with no previous evaluation experience and those who have done considerable evaluation work.  Recent offerings of this course have had broad attendance from government and industry personnel working with mineral, oil and gas, chemical, power, and general non-mineral organizations.  Past participants have included executives, managers, engineers, scientists, accountants and business personnel.

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