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Course Materials

Our Textbook & Supplemental Material

Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods
(16th Edition, 2019)

This textbook has been written to compliment our presented course material and is provided to course participants. The text is filled with examples illustrating various investment scenarios found not only in the resource industries, such as mining, oil and gas, chemical and refining, but also in the processing, pipeline, power and other sectors. The examples and problems at the end of each chapter focus on specific economic issues, which can be as simple as computing the present value of a future cash flow, to addressing multiple solutions in a cost-income-cost cash flow stream. (ISBN: 978-0-9911941-6-2)

Purchase a copy of our hardback textbook.



Our textbook is also available as an eBook.



Self Teaching Manual (16th Edition, 2019)

This manual is supplemental material to the textbook. It is intended to provide the reader with an introductory approach to the material addressed in chapters two and three of the textbook, including cash flows, time value of money and decision criteria. (ISBN: 978-0-9911941-8-6)

The Self-Teaching Manual is available as an eBook from the Apple Books App.

Problem Solutions Manual (16th Edition, 2019)

A copy of the Problem Solutions Manual is provided with the textbook to individuals who take our course.

It is not available for retail.

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